Saturday, August 29, 2009

My most cherished possession

What is my handmade possession I cherish the most....

Here is my answer

"A while ago I was cleaning out my supply closet when I came across pile after pile of yarn. I knew a friend of mine had a knitting project so I gave her the many pounds of yarn expecting nothing in return… but after only a few weeks she presents me with an absolutely beautiful knitted and crochet blanket. She had put her own project aside to make this enormous blanket for me with some of the yarn I’d given her. I adore it and it is now my very most prized possession. "


Mitsy / ArtMind said...

First of all: BIG congrats for being the featured seller! You look fantastic up there!
Thanks for showing your most cherised item you talked about in your interview. I always want to see it when they describe it so it's nice that you show it! What a lovely thing to do - both what you did and your friend did! :)

ingermaaike said...

Wow what an awesome piece! That is a treasure indeed!

karuski said...

Congratulations for an honour of being the featured seller!

I think it's so very wonderful how your friend wanted to make this blanket for you. The whole story is an evidence that you two are truly close to each other:)

Hollypop's said...

Hi, i found your blog through etsy. What a lovely friend and what a lovely blanket I can see why you cherish it.
Great stuff on etsy, love the notebooks.

Tonya said...

Congrats on being a featured seller! I'd found you earlier and tell everyone about your amazing designs.

Also, I wanted to let you know I've got a "One Lovely Blog" award for you on my blog. Pick it up at I chose you because you inspire me to express myself creatively.

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