Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bags with vintage handmade embroidery

I like the combination of vintage needlepoint I find at flea markets around Copenhagen, fabric and recycled bike inner tube.
I think of all the many hours someone has been working with needle and thread an put so much love in to it, and I'm glad to give it a new life.

I make bags and pouches, I line them and most of them has a pocket inside and an adjustable strap.

I just made a few new ones and if you are in Copenhagen you can find these and more in Amtorp a beautiful art and craft shop in the center of town. 



Sunday, September 13, 2015

Inner tube bags, jewelry and accessories at Amtorp

I'm happy to tell that "Amtorp - Danish Art & Craft", a newly opened art and craft shop in the center of Copenhagen (Hyskenstræde 12, 1207 København K) now carry a lot of my inner tube bags, purses and jewelry along with my small ear studs in plastic.

Marianne  Amtorp is a glass artist,  you can see her blow beautiful unique glass beads in the shop, along with handmade art and craft from many other artists.


Friday, May 1, 2015

Spring cleaning and rearranging my shop

Today is picture day. I will soon show what I have been up to today.
I will have more pouches and purses in the shop, made of recycled bike inner tube (of cause). My Danish design I have sold in shops around Copenhagen for years, but never had in my online shop.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Good idea (free shipping) and new journals

I have added 3 new handmade recycled bike inner tube journals, with neon elastic closure, to my Etsy shop today, and got a good idee. I wil give you free shipping, and

 the free shipping will last until
Valentine's Day and you
just use the coupon code: Shipfree14215.
Hope you too think this is a good idea.

Friday, January 30, 2015


I love parsley and Parsley and other vegetables

Jeg elsker persille og Persille og andre grøntsager.
Parsley is a lovely green herb and the traditional Danish meal fried pork with potatoes and parsley sauce is a favorite of mine. (Although without the pork – that belongs on the pig and not on my fork! No animals for me, please.)
I am also very fond of Parsley. Parsley is a wonderful Danish woman with whom I have grown acquainted over Facebook. She has taught me how to re-grow my vegetables – something I find truly fantastic!
Persille er et dejligt grønt krydderi, persillesovs og kartofler  er en af mine favorit retter.(Nej, jeg glemte ikke flæsket, det hører hjemme på grisen, og der skal det blive. Ingen dyr til mig, tak).
Og så holder jeg rigtig meget af Persille. Persille er en fantastisk dansk kvinde, et Facebook bekendtskab, som jeg har lært at gendyrke mine grøntsager af. Det er virkelig fantastisk.

I plant the tops of my beetroots and as by magic, beautiful new leaves grow forth that end up in my salad bowl.
Toppen af mine rødbeder plantes, og der gror flotte nye blade frem der ender i salatskålen.

The inedible stem from cabbage is so filled with life, that when planted it is soon to send off new leaves once more. It seems it won’t stop growing and so my cabbage is as reborn. Not much happens the first few days, but then suddenly a marvelous fairytale plays out in my windowsill. 
Den uspiselige stok fra hvidkålen har så meget liv i sig at den bare sætter nye blade der gror deruda'  og kan spises igen. Bare ned I jorden med stokken, og efter nogle dage kommer der gratis mad, sund mad, et helt fantastisk eventyr udspiller sig i min vindueskarm.
Can you believe, that all you need for the greenest of garnish is just a tiny clove of garlic? It grows on and on for months and looks best when you plant a handful in the same pot. I tend to plant the little tricky ones that annoy me in the kitchen. ;) They grow super fast and it amazes me every time how those small sprouts can keep themselves upright.
Tænk et lille fed hvidløg plantet i jord, giver frisk grønt drys på maden, og det bliver ved med at gro i flere måneder. Det er de der små fed jeg syntes er lidt irriterende at pille  jeg planter, og de vokser super hurtigt...

When preparing onions for a meal, you cut off the bottom anyway. Plant it, and after a while you will have even more fresh and green garnish. Isn’t it wonderful?
Bunden, som man alligevel skærer af et ganske almindeligt løg, plantes og giver efter lidt tid mere grønt drys til maden. Jamen er det ikke et vidunder?

Parsley has two Facebook pages. 
Persille har en facebookside, faktisk 2.
Her main one in Danish: 
En side på dansk: Persilles Hjemmedyrk;
And also an English one: 
Også en side på engelsk: Parsley, hvor hun skriver indimellem:
On these pages she gives tips and tricks on regrowth and brings humane opinions on life and living. She throws an annual award show where she generously gives out great seeds for regrowth, inspiring books and many other things. This year’s show has just been held, and you can see it here: (Unfortunately it is only in Danish.)
Her giver hun giver gode råd om gendyrk, og kommer med medmenneskelige meninger på tilværelsen.
Hun holder også et årligt Award Show, hvor hun deler rundhåndet ud af fantastiske frø til gendyrkning,  bøger og meget andet.
Det årlige show er lige løbet af stablen, og du kan se optagelsen af det her:
Det er desværre kun på dansk.

I warmly recommend regrowing your vegetable leftovers in your windowsill. You can harvest own homegrown and truly organic vegetables and garnishes and at the same time enjoy the beauty of nature unfolding in front of your very eyes. It is so easy to do and a wonderful process to oversee. Our planet is worth protecting!
Jeg kan varmt anbefale at genplante grøntsagsrester i vindueskarmen, nyde naturens forunderlige verden, og senere høste egne grøntsager, ovenud nemt og fantastisk. Den blå planet er værd at værne om.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Winter sleep

I went to the movie the other night. I was prepared to sit there for 3 hours and 16 minutes, and it was not one minute too much.
Beautiful pictures, great acting and a lot of wisdom to bring home.

The best movie I have seen in a very long time. I recommend you go see it.

The trailer:

Monday, January 26, 2015

Valentines day journals....and flowers... while we wait for spring

Valentine's Day is around the corner, so I decorated a journal with lots of small hearts at the front cover of one of the journals, and just added a red linen and a heart to another. 
It's not a secret that this time of year, when it is dark, cold and wet outside, is not my favorite. I can't wait for spring to come, but until then flower journals will help remind me of all the good that will come. You can find them in my  Etsy shop JOURNALS (M) section.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Book making days

The last days I have ben making journals.
I start out with cleaned inner tube, sew them onto sturdy plastic, line them with felt, cut them in the right size, cut and fold the paper and sew it into the book cowers.


Finish the book with adding either velcro or elastic closure.
Then I take pictures of the journals, edit them in Photoshop and upload them to my Etsy shop.
Write a little about them here too, so that you can se the finished result.

I already have some of them in my Etsy shop, and many more will be there over the next days.
And the end in my Etsy shop now