Tuesday, October 25, 2016

It's no secret

I love to recycle...and that's why I have been making bags, jewelry and accessories of recycled bike inner tuber for years.
Many years ago I made jewelry from scrap material, but I haven't played with that for years - until recently. I love it. I started out making earrings of vintage and recycled tin. I have a lot of tin, I love to store all kinds of things in them, but I have too many. (I have also bought some more on flea markets here I Copenhagen..can't help it...;)

I have started to add earrings to my Etsy shop, only 3 pairs so far, but more to come, so keep an eye on my shop if you want to se what I can make out of these beautiful tin boxes.

The inner tube journals and pouches are still in the shop too.